About Me

My name is César, Architect/Software Engineer at Red Hat and this is my place to write about my one of my favorite things to do design and write software.

Here are some of my Open Source projects.

  • PDF-Generator
    A Apache Cordova plugin to create PDF using phone internal API develop compatible with iOS/Android.
  • Ella
    Is a native NodeJS add-on to comunicate your Javascript with Java, basically allows to use Java API in NodeJS.
  • probe-mon
    An ugly named, but easy to use plugin is a ExpressJS middleware that helps time your endpoints.

Other Works

Also I’m a fan of computer graphics, here are some stuff I write in my free time.


This is some of my pet projects with WebGL, experimenting with fractals, geometry deformation and other stuff.




Some 3d stuff using pure C++

Here I was learning the basics, OpenGL initialization, pushing triangles and writting simple shaders.

As I become more skilled I wrote this simple graphic engine with simple wavefront parser, skybox, camera manipulation and simple light simulation.